Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Creation of Lobbying with Trans-Research

Creation of Lobbying with Trans-Research

so, it is time to creat the next entrance stage from Trans-Research.

1) Lobbying with Trans-Research
2) Social Technology Consulting with Trans-Research
3) Open Learning Initiative with Trans-Research

For this, on may need the referencial discussion groups, and I found many discussion groups on Facebook. Let's see the groups below, in fact, these are the special interest groups for Lobbying near to the EU Commission (Brussels) and EU Parliament (Strassbourg).

# ICT related Lobbying in FP5,6,7

* FP7 Proposal Writing

* FP7 ICT (Information & Communication Technologies)

* FP7

* Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society

# Lobbying Organizations

ref. site :

* European Union (EU)
ref. site :

* Mouvement Européen France
ref. site :

* Les Jeunes Européens France
ref. site :

* JEF (Jeunes Europeens Federalistes)
ref. site :

* Worst EU Lobbying Awards 2007
ref. site :

* Coulisses de Bruxelles
ref. site :

* For Facebook to create a EUROPEAN UNION network
ref. site :

* Euros du Village
ref. site :

* Campaign for "One Seat" in the European Parliament
ref. site :

* touteleurope (Toute l'Europe)

* eurosduvillage (Euros du Village)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The entrace of phase II from SciCom to Trans Research

# I have created the entrance of step II for incubating the Science Communication to Trans Resarch Coordination.

1. Science Communication Japan

Our mission is to bring the Science Communication activity in world wide propagation.We share the passion and know-hows for Trans Research Cordination starting from Science Communication and Vulgarization, Research Communication to raising Fund and/or Lobbying activities for Research & Society. This group SciCom Japan is incubated from several discussion groups in Japan.

The over all discussion and discussions should be centred on the forum site

2. A group for Moving Around Research Inc. - Using CEDEFOP/Training Village.

Our mission is to propagate the concept of Moving Around Research Inc. to the world wide ranged human activity and to bring the creative mobility to the people for the Sustainable Earth of the 21th Century. Please join us and enjoy the group.

Web 2.0 and community based research for vocational training by CEDEFOP

Mobility program of LEONARDO for life long education
The archives of parts of discussion retrieved to the site below

Well, the naming of 2. is not just fitted, maybe while some consideration after, it would be changed, but the concept remains the same.

This entrance is still under development, where many different approaches in different languages are needed. So, I set the lifting procedures which can be developped by using the distance learning methode. See below ;

How to relate the "Science & Society" to Sustainable Development starting from STS to Wikiversity & (v.s.) Open Learning ?

* STS on Wiki

* Wikiversity

* Open Learning
1. Open University in UK
2. CNED in France
3. FernUni Hagen in Germany
4. UniNettUno in Italie
5. UNED in Spain
6. Open University in Japan

Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Phase One ended up for internal incubation

The Phase One has ended up for internal incubation. I have finished the knowledge transfert process of Science Communication to the Trans Research Coordination.
The Science Communication itself has many interdisciplinary branches and connection styles to the other proper disciplines. I call it, "Applicational Science Communication" which anyone can practice and shave the know-hows depending on the reality of Science, Technology and Society.

My role in the Phase One was, to articulate the fondamental philosophy and thoughts for starting the Science Communication. It means, to develope the essential theory and frame work of the activity of Science Communication.

In my view, the Science Commuincation is connected very naturally to the concept of "Trans Research", this mention is also very often argumented from the side of STS researchers, but not only in the sense of Research Policy, it is very fundamental, to view the harmoney of Science Technology with the Social Science and Humanity.

It belongs, may be a little bit poetically, to the harmonious vision of the human kind, a Poet, that the human kind has rediscovered the unity of the knowledge from the collapsing old era at the Renaissance age.

I do not know yet, to what extent I can go, but for the moment, I like to explore this way, to try to rediscover the human dignity of our knowledges, where it may go, I will follow the way. It does not mean that I forget the SciCom, I appreciate their activities very much.

So, we will have chance for sure, in other style of communication, in other countries, may be in other approaches, and I hope we can exchange the ideas what so ever where we meet us.

Have good time, eveybody in SciCom.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Building Groups for Science Communication in SNS all over the world

Super, I found many groups and discussion communities for Science Communication on different SNS site. Among those, I found [facebook] is most credible for information quality and group building, next to this, [orkut] from Brazil is not bad, and [vkontakte] from Russia is also my findings. Of course, on japanese SNS [mixi], there exists already such communities.

I created a group "Science Communication Japan" on [facebook].

* Ref) SNS in the world.
[yahoo 360]