Thursday, January 12, 2006

Interdisplinary research at STFC Science Technology Foresight Center

I'm working in the unit, where there are RI (research & investigation) principles in major RTD field. Those are, Life Science, ICT Engineering and Science, Material Science and Technology, Environment and Energy.
My interest is cordinating interdisciplinary approch among these major RTD fields, and promoting cordination between RTD and SSH.

Particularly we are refering to the infomation below ;

s.h. at STFC

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Research Writing and Idea Incubating for interdisciplinary research cordination

Hi there, Hi Peter
(I'm sorry, I forgot your email address, so I write on your blog)
I am japanese research cordinator and I have contacted you before for asking your activity. You have sent me a brief reports "Research Writing in Japan, No. 49, National Museum of Ethnology". Thank you for this again, and let me now contact with you again.
I am looking for foreign researchers in Japan, who are working as well in the communication of science (communication in academic study-research and/or in RDT). I don't care in which major domain you are specialised, but if you are interested in interdisciplinary cordination with skill of science communication, please contact me.
This is an unofficial call for interests for interdisciplinary research.
M. Hamada Shingo