Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rafael Secades Riest

Rafael Secades Riestra October 20 at 8:34pm Reply • Report Dear members. After the new changes made by Facebook in the characteristics of its Groups and Pages, we are moving to a new Facebook Page, what will give us the chance to share more contents with you. As welcome gift, we want to share with you our new corporative video. Can you spot the main novelties in ASEF? Send us your comets and opinions! ENVforum *** Please, NOTE that this GROUP WILL STOP WORKING SOON, so be sure to click in the "LIKE" button of our NEW FACEBOOK PAGE in order to be sure you can keep been updated of our latest news and special online content. *** We wait you in our new Facebook Page! Asia-Europe Foundation

Friday, October 15, 2010

Dear Members of Lobb

Dear Members of Lobbying/Consulting Euroscientists. I am very pleased to announce here a promotion of this group "Lobbying/Consulting Euroscientists" in the consortium Scenario 25. Scenario 25 is a Citizen Committee group for mapping the Future toward 2025 with Foresight, Scenario, Technology Assessment. Many Science groups are also called to join there by way of web 2.0 method. Please take a look at and join there just one click. Your contribution to this consortium is always welcome in any style of blogs, twitter RSS and HP. Thank you very much for your attention. S.H.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

several group consortiums have been structured, mainly by this Scenario25, next to Eurocientists, Trilogia and Earthlink.