Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Incubating sites for Science Communication

The original source of Japan Time's article here was inspired by the maling list concerning Kenkyu-sha in Japan (Foreign Researcher's in Japan).

Addendum, I remarked an exsisting initiative for attempting the science communication by Prof. P. J. Matthews (National Museum of Ethnology).

Inside of our SciCom (NPO Science Communication Japan), we have discussion forum and the following topics (some in Japanese, some in English) ;
1. Research & Innovation community aiming AAAS in Japan
2. Science Communication programs in Japan
3. News watching on Research & Innovation, from news papers, AAAS and Nature.
4. Students and researcher's from Abroad, project 100,000 since 1987 and new project 1,000,000 upto 2015 by Japanese government
5. Science and Arts - LEONARDO Program from MIT
6. Researcher's Carrier Path, accademic and non-accademic, a model of EMBO
7. S&T Policy anslyse and critics from the manifest of Election 2003, 2005, 2007 in Japan.
8. NPO activity and Science Tecnology
9. Funding Guidance by EU, FP7 and ERA
10. Lobbying for Research and Innovation in EU.
11. Public Consulting and advocacy in EU.
12. Eurobusiness as an outreach of relay academy - industry.
13. Seminar and Colloque reports from DIJ, MFJ in Japan
14. News watching and analysis on Euroscience, ESF, ESOF
15. Interdisciplinary research and it's promotion, related to Social Science and Humanties. ... etc

Any comments and suggestions are welcome to our SciCom Office.
E-mail :

You have also a english based offical site of science and technology by JST.

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