Sunday, April 29, 2007

Example of SciCom News

Hi, all
Here is an exemple of our activities, one of the Email Magazine "SciCom News" issue No. 186. I hope you can figure out our news activitiy is sacred for news watching and it's anlysis.
Cheers, Shingo Hamada

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★Issue Number 2334(22.04.2007) MagMag 2054 and via melma! 280
◆◇◆ NPO Science Communication News ◆◇◆         
No.186 30.04.2007 No.1

Index -●Editorial
●Research News 
- MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technologyistry)   
Policy for worldclass COE, Reseach budget 2,18 billion yen, from MEXT to Universities. 
- JST (Japanese Science and Technology Agency)   
- CSTP (Council of Science Technology Policy)   
- METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)    
Demonstration of 7 keys and 100 know-how for innovation and creativeness. 
- MHLW(Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)    
Public dialog 26. Apr. 2007, on innovative generic pharmacy 
- Environment    
IPCC sumit : Initiative of Ban Shin at UN for Green House Effect.  
- Trends of Cabinet Policy and Research   ...  
- University   
the budge allocation for unversity management decrease, can be the crisis 
- Relay of Accademy - Industry - Administration in public policy    
Prefecture Okinawa and Ryukyu Univeristy find the way to proliferate the high value added porc "Ague" by using the freeze sperma technology  
- Research Community    
Face change of the english Jounal of Japan Academy, open the public submission.

◆◇◆ NPO Science Communication News ◆◇◆         
No.186 30.04.2007 No.2
- Education, Science Communication   
What's on visiting report of Interpreter UK  
- Detective in Research Affaires   
- Virginia Tech Univeristy (Special Edition)    
How would we react, when the Chon Sunhi occured here in Japan ?  
- Security and Safty of Foods, Policy of Agro-alimentation.  
- GMO (Special Edition)
- BSE(Special Edition)    
Re-open the Japanese market for US beef - Push by sumit meeting    
US deputee 24 has submitted the recommendation letter to the President G. Bush  
- Bird Influenza (Special Edition)    
Bird Influenze : Yamagata prefecture sets the security manuals 
- Material resourcerization of human body, life.    
26% Positive to use of human ovum by research repot of MHLW

●Worldwide Research News  
- USA   ...  
- UK   Protect basic research: UK scientists 
- South Korea   
- China    
China sets the Human resource policy in special foour types  
- Australia   
Government 'protecting energy exports' 
- Inde   
Lift-off for Indian commercial rocket 
- Asia/Oceania   ...  
- Europa   ...  
- The others   ...

◆◇◆ NPO Science Communication News ◆◇◆         
No.186 30.04.2007 No.3
●Human Resource -     ...
●Debate and discussion  -     ...
●Media Watch  -     ...
●Books、Magazine, Email News -     ...
- Japanese Society of Immunology   
"Mystery and future of Immunology - Frontier Talk in with the researcher"  
10:00~17:00 03-04.05.2007,   MESCI7F CR1、CR2、CR3

- Public Open Sminar of Funghi Medical Research Centre of Chiba University  
"Mold !? They are comming soon - part 2 - "  
14:00~16:30 13.05.2007  
Grand hall, Keyaki Haouse, West Chaba Campus of Chiba University

- No. 15th Laureate Lecture of Kihara Memorial Fundation   
Photo response mechanism of plants - Encounter of Physiology and Genetics  
15:00~16:00 18.05.2007   
Hall 3F, Kihara Biology Research Institute of Yokohama City University

- No. 28th Math-Science Tsubasa Summer Seminar   
07-11.08.2007 The suburbe of Hakodate City

●Announcement from NP Science Communication Japan  
- Now on sale, how to not fail in Choice of Graduate School 
- Recreut Editorial Staff SciCom News 
- We are asking for the donnation

"NPO Science Communication News"
[SciCom News] No.186 30.04.2007 No.1
【Publisher】Eisuke Enoki(President NPO Science Communication Japan)
【Editor】Mamoru Fukashima, Kouji Tachibana and editorial board of Scicom
【E-Mail】【FAX】 020-4664-2207
【Web Site】
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