Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Follow up of colloque MFJ

Following up the colloque of MFJ (23.Fev.2006), I continue to have contact with Prof. Alain-Marc Rieu, concerning the Meeting Discussion on EU-Japan Policy of Science, Technology and Society. We set the meeting as below successfully.
In addition to this, we aim to develop the synthesis of this collaboration.

The Inverview Reseach & Investigation following the Colloque on Research Policy (MFJ)

Date, Place, Division:
22/Mar/2006, 15h-17h30, NISTEP-MEXT, STFC

Requesting Person 1
NAME: Alain-Marc RIEU
INSTITUTION: Professor, University of Lyon 3 Jean Moulin Senior Research Fellow, East Asian Studies Institute (CNRS), ENS (lsh)
ADDRESS: 15, Parvis R. Descartes, BP 7000, 69342 Lyon Cedex, France
TEL: (33) 04 3737 6470

Accepting Person 2
NAME & INSTITUTION: HAMADA Shingo (Affiliated Fellow)
ADDRESS: 2-5-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, zip 100-0005 JAPAN
TEL: 81-(0)
FAX: 81-81-(0)3-3503-3996

Participating Person 3

Objective and theme :
Science and Technology planning in Japan : methodology for conception, implementation and evaluation.

Documents to be consulted :
Documents concerning Japan’s three basic plans for Science and Technology, especially documents concerning the evaluation of the first two Plans and the formation of the third plan. The documents concerning the Interdisciplinary Coordination in Japan’s Basic Frame Work (2nd, 3rd)

The summary of the objective in half page :
- Need to know what kind of documents are available, in which language, how to have access to them, who are the specialists whom have participated to the conception of the 3rd plan.
Writing articles and a book, participating to conferences and teaching.
- Before visiting research, the Person 1 has
explained to the Person 2 the conditions to access documents and what kind of documents were available in English. Also discussed various topics concerning the conception of the 3rd basic plan and also various types of possible collaboration on these issues.
- Especially focus on the recent trend of political implication of “Science Technology and Society”, Comparative discussion of the role of Interdisciplinary Approach of EU (FP-ERA, NEST-SSH) and Japan (Basic Frame Work)
- The Person 1 propose a possible collaboration frame work of S&T Policy study by FP7.

The report of the activities (1-2 pages, to be filled) :


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